Milos has many beaches of exceptional beauty. Each beach to be visited during one of the island will see that it is completely different from the other and this is the reason that makes it stand out not only in Cyclades but throughout Greece due to the particular rock surrounds.

Due to the volcanic origin of the soil, Milos has a spectacular topography and variety of beaches. You will sometimes find beaches with platinum beaches and bays with pebbles sometimes encircled by stones, white, red, yellow or black rocks. Distinct colors and depths will find in the sea, and you can swim in fully organized beaches or choose more solitary and wild. The truth is that the clean waters of the island and the infinite beauty of the beaches will offer you an unprecedented experience.

Regarding access, the road network is very good in the north and in most of the southern beaches. Many are accessible by land, while others are accessible only by sea, participating in excursions starting from Adamas. In those located on the east and west side of the island access is relatively difficult and in most of the route is a dirt road.

Finally, we suggest you choose the beach that you can swim not only based on beauty, but also based on the wind direction. In winds and northern winds it is better to choose beaches in the bay, or even better on the south side of the island. In contrast, the south, we recommend the beaches located on the north side of the island.

Listed below are 82 beaches, 18 in the north, 8 in the east, 18 in the south, 14 in the west side and 24 into the gulf. Although the list contains the most beaches are not full.


18 παραλίες:

  • Πλάθιενα
  • Τράχηλας
  • Φυροπόταμος
  • Τουρκοθάλασσα
  • Συκιά(Αφάλατωση)
  • Μαντράκια
  • Σαρακήνικο
  • Μύτακας
  • Αλογόμαντρα
  • Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος
  • Πάχαινα
  • Κάπρος
  • Παπάφραγκας
  • Φυλακωπή
  • Καλόγερος
  • Πελεκούδα
  • Πολλώνια
  • Πολυχρόνης


8 παραλίες:

  • Καστανάς
  • Τρία Πηγάδια
  • Κολυμπισιώνας
  • Αγκάλη
  • Ρέμα
  • Παλιόρεμα
  • Θειωρυχεία
  • Καμπάνες


18 παραλίες:

  • Φύρλιγκος
  • Σπαθί
  • Τουρκάκι
  • Παλιοχώρι
  • Ψαροβολάδα
  • Αγία Κυριακή
  • Γέρακας
  • Τσιγκράδο
  • Φυριπλάκα
  • Προβατάς
  • Άγιος Σώστης
  • Κήπος
  • Τσιγκούλια
  • Ψαθί
  • Ακρωτηράκι
  • Κάτεργο
  • Γέροντας
  • Κλέφτικο


14 παραλίες:

  • Βαίσης
  • Συκιά
  • Άγιος Ιωάννης (1)
  • Άγιος Ιωάννης (2)
  • Άγιος Ιωάννης (3)
  • Αμμουδαράκι
  • Τριάδες (1)
  • Τριάδες (2)
  • Τριάδες (3)
  • Βουρλίδια
  • Αγκάθια
  • Καλόγριες
  • Άσπρο Γιαλούδια
  • Βάνι

Στον κόλπο

24 παραλίες:

  • Εμπουριός
  • Φατούρενα
  • Αχιβαδόλιμνη
  • Παπικινού
  • Λαγκάδα
  • Ριβάρι
  • Άγιος Νικόλαος
  • Πατρικιά (1)
  • Πατρικιά (2)
  • Πατρικιά (3)
  • Κάναβα
  • Δεκατέσσερις
  • Αλυκή
  • Άγιος Δημήτριος
  • Κοντάρος
  • Κατσιμούτσης
  • Νεροδάφνη
  • Σχινωπή
  • Αδάμας
  • Νεοχώρι
  • Φουρκοβούνι
  • Αρετή
  • Κλήμα
  • Αμπουρδεκτάκι

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